Changing yourself can be difficult
AND – it CAN be done.

Here are the main methods and tools I use when helping you reach your goals:

Changing yourself can be difficult
And – it CAN be done.

Here are the main methods and tools I use when helping you reach your goals:


“Wise is the fool who knows he’s stupid.”  
As danish poet Halfdan Rasmussen made it clear, it’s very hard to see our own blind angles, because they’re blind!
And if you are unaware of what you think, how you act or how you influence or are perceived by other people, it can be quite difficult to achieve and maintain healthy relationships. It will be hit and miss. 

You can´t change what you don´t acknowledge!
It would be nice if people around you just behaved exactly the way you wanted them to. Unfortunately, that’s a train that never comes.
The good news is that you have 100% control over yourself – so the sooner you take responsibility for what YOU can change or do, the sooner you can take control of your life and get even better relationships.
That´s why I help you get conscious of your own blindspots, so you can deal with your own, actual reality.


None of us is the born leader, the born racing driver, the born skier or the born dream partner. We did not come out of our mothers with these skills.
So if you´ve never taken a driving lesson or had ski lessons, it’s no wonder you’re not good at it. 
Exactly the same applies to your behavior in both your business and personal life: If you haven´t LEARNED a BEHAVIOR that gives you good results, that´s probably the reason why you don´t get the results you want. The good news is that you can easily acquire the skills needed to get the results you want.

It’s NOT about getting a degree in rocket science.
It’s about gaining insight into and understanding of some basic psychological mechanisms and universal truths that are absolutely fundamental to ALL the relationships you have.

Some of the mechanisms may seem counter-intuitive or “absurd,” but I guarantee you that they will all be extremely effective and useful in your daily life – and that they will all help increase your personal power and influence!


You can´t change a problem you either don´t acknowledge or aren´t aware of.
That´s why I don´t necessarily tell you what you WANT to hear – but what you NEED to hear.
I don´t aim to be nice or be your biggest fan. You will, however, get very open, honest and direct feedback from me, and I call a shovel a shovel.
It may be both confrontational and provocative for you – and it will probably move you out of your comfort zone and out onto the “hot plate”.

However, there is a method to the madness:
It´s about understanding exactly what works and doesn´t work about your behavior – so you can deal with your reality. This is true of BOTH your strengths and weaknesses.
My goal is simply to equip you properly to handle your challenges effectively, and ultimately make the best of your work life or personal life.


“Tools” are another way of saying “tips, tricks and methods that help you get better results in your daily life”. Unfortunately, many of the tools out there are both incomprehensible and unnecessary, or completely useless in the real world.

Tools are only a means to reach your goals. Just like a power drill is ONLY relevant because you need a hole in the wall. The tools I use are very simple, practical and understandable – and at the same time can make a significant, positive difference in your everyday life.

I strongly believe in NOT making things more complicated than necessary.
That’s why you won´t hear me talking about “the powers of the universe” or about “finding your inner goat”. It’s about making it as down-to-earth and practical as possible.
I primarily use behavioral psychology and cognitive coaching, which roughly involves understanding both your own and other people´s motivations and behaviors, and learning to control your thoughts so you think more productively.

Last but not least, I use one of the most efficient and proven tools: good old-fashioned common sense.


Were you a good driver when you got behind the wheel just after you got your driver’s license?

Hardly. I´m guessing it required all of your concentration to stay aware of the traffic around you, finding the clutch point, and operating blinkers, brake and wipers at the same time.

If you are an experienced driver today, you don´t think about how many times you change gear, make a turn or use the blinkers on your way home from work.

It has become a skill that´s second nature to you. But what did it take to get to this skill level? The answer is the same as it is for ALL skills: Training, training and more training.
And that also applies when it comes to strengthening your professional or personal skill set. 

Repetition is the mother of learning, and that´s why I focus a lot on training:
It helps to ensure that what you learn not only works here-and-now, but in the long run and in your daily life.


In addition to giving yourself insight, feedback and the right tools, my goal is to make you excited about the most important relationship you´ll ever have: The relationship with yourself! 

The common denominator of ALL the relationships you are in is YOU. If you are not happy with your own life, it’s hard to give very much to others – or you may risk becoming too dependent on other people´s praise, support or other influences.
That´s why it´s vital that you get excited about your own life! This is more than anything the key to better relationships with others, and success in life in general.

So if you’re ready to get excited about yourself and your own life, I’m ready to help you make it happen!


Transparency and honesty require trust and a safe environment.
Nobody in the history of the world has ever said, “You asshole! You´re actually listening to me!””
Ironically, most people have an incredibly hard time listening to others – and that´s the very source of MANY conflicts and misunderstandings.
The fact that we live in a world, where listening seems to be a forgotten virtue makes many people feel overlooked, overheard or just not taken seriously.

With me you will find that you get a sparring partner and advisor who doesn´t judge you or think he´s “figured you out” in advance – but instead listens very actively to you and your challenges and wishes.
It can be hard enough to deal with your problems – but it will be completely impossible if you don´t know how to LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION so you deal with the RIGHT problems.
That´s why I put my own opinions, experiences and “wisdom” on hold – until I’m sure I’ve listened to AND understood your situation.


When you pay for my advice, confidentiality comes standard.
As mentioned earlier, trust is paramount for getting a good relationship with each other.
And even though it´s self-evident to me that what we talk about is 100% confidential and won´t be shared with anyone else (unless otherwise agreed), it can´t be said enough.

This is also one of the reasons why you won´t see many testimonials or references on this website; It would certainly be nice to be able to refer to various high profile customers, but it would be against my clients’ direct or implicit wishes.

So no matter what heavy, complex, “embarrassing” or potentially explosive issues you share with me, it goes without saying that they will stay confidential.


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Please note that I do not offer free advice.

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